Words of Wisdom

DUI Roadblocks/Checkpoints

Attorneys advising people to not cooperate with the police at a DUI Checkpoint is like advising people how to go to jail. Attorneys are advising people to refuse to roll down their windows, and throw their ID out of the car with a note saying they are exercising their 5th Amendment right to not answer questions. The Attorneys don’t mention how a person is supposed to retrieve their ID without opening the car door and falling on their face! I’m sure the police will accept the gesture and wave you on your way. Or…

More likely, the police will consider these actions as suspicious, and follow you to your destination, waiting for you to make the slightest mistake so they can pull you over and conduct a full investigation. The law allows police to briefly stop all vehicles without having suspicion of criminal activity. Taunting the police may not be criminal activity but it will certainly get you lots of attention.