A Tactic Disputed Posed & Disputed

I recently commented on Florida Attorney Warren Redlich's article advocating motorist place a display through the closed window of their car at DUI Checkpoints. He proposes a sign in bold letters, along with their driver's license, insurance and registration.

It advises: "I remain silent. No searches. I want my lawyer."

The Washington Post states that Redlich believes "This contentious tactic is not helping intoxicated drivers. Instead, he believes that innocent motorist are sometimes arrested at these checkpoints and this is a way to protect them."

Innocent people are arrested at DUI Checkpoints? While theoretically possible, I have not seen it in my 30+ years as a Defense Attorney. On the other hand, this tactic will not help intoxicated drivers? Really? Maybe because intoxicated drivers can't pass written Field Sobriety Tests!