APP for DWB (Driving While Black)

A law firm, apparently made up of white middle-aged lawyers, has developed and is marketing an APP called DWB (Driving While Black). While supposedly a "serious" APP, it basically purports to instruct black people how to "act properly" during a traffic stop or police encounter and "Not Get Your Ass Beat" as humorously advocated by Chris Rock in one of his celebrated online routines.

The APP is linked directly to the ACLU. Really?

How is the creation of such an APP, by a white lawyer no less, not considered an insult to the intelligence of any person regardless of ethnic persuasion? Where is the outrage at even the suggestion of having to instruct ethnic people how to interact with police officers? Most of the time, the police officer has the power to control a situation and prevent escalation. Forget the offensive APP, and equip every police officer with a body camera linked directly to the internet in real time!
Accountability prevents abuse, not a stupid APP.